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    Flame Moss

    Flame Moss

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    Flame Moss displays deep green fronds that grow in a unique twisting upright form, reaching lengths of around 7cm. Each frond consists of many tiny leaves with minimal side shoots.

    Flame Moss is perfect for attaching to driftwood or rocks to create points of interest at the midground or can be used as an effective foreground focal point as well. Attaching to hardscape will best showcase the unique form of Flame Moss. It prefers to grow upright rather than spreading out.

    It is an undemanding moss which will grow best under low to medium lighting. CO2 is not required for healthy growth. Flame Moss does not like higher intensity lighting, which may damage fronds if too bright. It may take longer to attach to hardscape than other moss varieties so cyanoacrylate gel superglue or cotton thread can be used to affix it to hardscape while it attaches itself. High water flow against this moss will result in less upright growth, so consider placement carefully. Temperature should be below 25° for healthiest growth.