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    Thank you for the fast delivery excellent wrapping of the plants and still looks good plants are very good will buy again top job highly recommended.

    100 % happy plants looked amazing spot on and to top it off great service wicked place :)

    Wow, great value for a generous amount of healthy plants! Packaged well with timely delivery. Very happy, thank you 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    5 Stars as always. Only ordered 4 pots and got 5. Shoped here many times and will continue my business here.

    Jeffrey, your fertiliser mix is really good. I started using it full time about a week ago and plant growth  has doubled. Stems in the back have grown by 3cm, swords grow 3 to 4 new leaves every week, chaining swords have runners spreading everywhere, my swords are finally going red again and all my plants are pearling. At times it looks like i have a fine mist in the tank from all the pearling.

    Thanks for the awesome looking plants Jeffrey Belbin! Can’t wait to pick up my soil tomorrow to set up all my tanks. It’s good to be back in this awesome hobby after 5 year away. The timing could have not been any better. 10/10 will definitely buy from you guys again! Hope everyone else is enjoying their recent purchases. 

    Love LCA’s plants. I read here on the quality of his plants but never thought much of it until I purchased some. 95% of my plants came from Jeffrey Belbin. Enjoy watching my HC pearl and besides co2 , the only other fert’s used is LCA All in One NPK & Micros.  Now I just got to get my fish from you Jeff.

    I've been fertilising this daily with LCA Low Tech Complete for around 4-5 months now and I’ve been impressed with the growth. This tank has its own 500ml bottle so it wont be running out any time soon. 

    You guys have out done yourselves. Thanks LCA, can't wait to order more plants to fill all my tanks. Loving the fertiliser too - highly recommend!

    Absolutely beautiful package of plants from Liverpool Creek Aquarium (LCA) arrived today, great price super fast delivery very happy customer. Thank you

    Got mine too from LCA the healthiest I've ever seen! I'm ordering more next week

    Got plants two weeks ago they have gone from this to this in that time trimming time the quality of plants from LCA and the fertilisers are the best I have found

    Pearling all day everday. 

    LCA NPK and Micros every 2 days, with flourish advance as a boost and (probably too much) co2.

    Love the products, Jeffrey Belbin and will always stand by them

    I got my plants and wow I’m amazed at the quality of this order. My tank is now a jungle thank you so much 

    Thank you Jeffrey Belbin the plants were great and healthy!