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    Our focus has always been quality. The best plants and the best products

    We are a small family business producing aquatic plants, aquarium fertilisers, water treatments and native freshwater aquarium fish

    We started 35 years ago with some earth ponds and some large outdoor tanks, growing aquatic plants and breeding native freshwater fish. Originally supplying a chain of aquarium stores our little business was mostly focussed on the wholesale market. Expanding out into the the online retail space connected us with many hobbyists, those who love to keep fish and those who have a passion for aquascaping. From there we developed our range of aquarium fertilisers and water treatments, which are now sold in stores all over Australia.

    The positive responses we get about our plants and our products spurs us on to find better ways to get our beautiful plants to you in the best condition, and to share all our knowledge about how to look after them. Wherever there has been a need identified in the world of aquarium fertilisers and water treatments we have developed a solution and made it available. 

    Our Aqua-scaping Competitions have provided inspiration for many. Be sure to check out our Gallery page to be amazed at the stunning world of planted tanks.