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    Red Nose Shrimp

    The Red Nose Shrimp is predominantly herbivorous: algae of all sorts are their prefered food. If algae becomes scarce, they may start eating aquarium plants, bitter species such as Java Fern not excluded. Once acclimatised, this species will also eat leftovers such as flakes, pellets, mosquito larvae, small pieces of fish meat, mussels or shrimp, and krill: because of this, it's an ideal addition to any clean-up crew of any suitably stocked community tank. Will graze on algae in the aquarium.

    There are so many wonderful benefits to living in the tropics and it's a great place to grow aquatic plants. However, one of the pitfalls of living up here is that during winter we really don't experience how cold it can get in other parts of the country.So, please can we ask during these months if you are living somewhere very cold, don't order livestock. Even with heat packs some fish, shrimps and snails will not survive the journey for places under 10 deg C.  Thanks for your co-operation.


    WA/Tas customers: We will email you to discuss documentation required